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Bowling UI Redux

A complete recreation of the standard bowling software to be more user-friendly. Features include easy to manage leagues, persistent player data, and an arcade mode.

Authors Sam Schneller and Chris Prestia

Technical Documents

Plan Outline

  1. Requirements, Design, and Research (2 weeks total)
    • Requirements Document to outline expected features (1 week)
      Completion: All major features have been decided upon
    • Design of GUI (0.5 week)
      Completion: Have a wireframe of the GUI ready for presenting
    • Finalize tech for systems (0.5 week)
      Completion: Have chosen DB and webserver tech
  2. Back-End Design (2 weeks total)
    • Setup schemas for selected database (0.5 week)
      Completion: Upon ability to insert dummy data into the running DB
    • Write routing code for selected webserver (0.5 week)
      Completion: Make sure all routes are accessible remotely and locally
    • Write backend libraries for Swing usage (1 week)
      Completion: All functions are runnable and produce expected output
  3. GUI Creation (2 weeks total)
    • Create GUI to wireframe spec (1 week)
      Completion: GUI has all features that the wireframe proposes
    • Refine GUI design/Buffer time for GUI code
      Completion: GUI has been improved in some way/GUI is completed
  4. Connect Backend to GUI (1 week total)
    Completion: GUI functionality is connected to actual backend actions for all methods
  5. Approach Alley Owners (1 week total)
    Completion: Received feedback from at least one owner as to features and feasibility of the system
  6. Modify System to Reflect Feedback (3 week total)
    • Change/Remove features (1 week)
      Completion: All features no longer needed have been removed, all features that are changed have been changed
    • Bug-fix existing systems (0.5 week)
      Completion: All existing features work as intended and are now properly documented
    • Add new features (1 week)
      Completion: All features requested by owners have been added
    • Bug-fix new systems (0.5 week)
      Completion: New systems work as intended and are properly documented

Done? Who knows…